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Create Wordpress with Blue Host

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Create Wordpress with Blue Host

How can I run a personal blog (or homepage)?
Can it be configured using clouds like AWS and Azure? Of course you can.
However, there are many technical things you need to know to use the cloud for a simple private blog operation.

Using hosting services instead of the cloud, you can start with a simple click and organize your blog.

There are Blue Host, Site Ground, etc. famous for hosting services.

In this posting, the world's largest hosting company will learn from signing up for BlueHost to simply creating a wordpress.
The reason I chose BlueHost is because it's very large globally, so it's stable.
Also it provides free domain services and even free SSL certificates for one year.

First, connect to the Blue Host site.
==> Connect to Bluehost 
※   If you cannot connect to the site, copy the following link using Chrome.

Connects to the initial screen of the blue host.
You can start with 'Get Started', but first you'll see what kind of hosting service it offers.

If you look at the 'hosting' menu at the top left, there are three menus called shared hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting.

First, Dedicated Hosting is a service that receives independent physical servers.
Of course, it's very expensive because we get independent resources. It also requires operational capabilities for the server.
However, the physical resources are still available, so you have a lot of flexibility in using your infrastructure.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting provides a virtual, independent space within a physical virtual server.
Separate resources for each independent space and deliver them at a more affordable price than Dedicated Hosting, with minimal impact from other services.

Shared Hosting provides Web hosting on shared resources.
It may be affected by other services, but it is not uncommon for them to be affected in substance.
The price is, of course, extremely reasonable compared to other services.
At the level of blogging, shared hosting is enough.

Now, if you've seen the three services, click "Get Started" on the first screen to start the blue host in earnest.

Let's look at the rate plan first.
There are four rate plans: Basic, Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro.
Each service offers a different range, and Baisc is the only thing you can do when you run a regular personal blog, but if you want to write more data or include more domains, you can use Choise Plus.

Once you have selected a plan, select the domain you want to apply.
You can use a new domain or an existing domain.
Select "I'll create my domain later" to move on without selecting the domain.
The domain can be selected later.

Now, enter your account information.
Complete the name, country, address, zip code, mail, etc.

The following is the term of the agreement for the amount:
You can choose at least one year, two years, and three years.
Of course, it's good to keep it for three years, but I think we can try it first and then expand it to three years later.

There is an additional setup package, but it doesn't matter if you choose.

There is an additional setup package, but it doesn't matter if you choose.
Next, enter your card information.
Enter the card number, the CVV code on the back, and the expiration date.

Once you have filled in the card information, you will be able to see the following screen when you have completed the payment.
Click 'Create Account' to create an account.

The domain was not originally filled out, so you will be assigned a randomly generated domain by default.
If you bought a new domain information or enter an existing one, you will use that domain.

Enter your password to complete the account creation.

You will now log in to hosting with that domain and password.

Once you've logged in, you can now create Wordpress.
Enter site name, etc.

You can choose anything to enter information about other sites.

Now select the theme that is available on the blue host.

Once you've selected a theme, you start creating Wordpress right away.

In a moment, if you log on, the initial Wordpress setting will appear and you will be able to do Admin Login.

Now, after Admin Login, you can set up Wordpress to complete your personal blog

Settings for Word Press are not covered separately by this posting.

Hosting services allow you to create a great word-press blog in just a few clicks.

There are many free blog sites, but if you want to create your own blog, you might want to try Web hosting using blue hosts.

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